Maintain Credentials


CLICK HERE to renew your CCI credential(s).

CCI registrants can access/complete the following tasks by signing into your account:
  • Renew credential(s)
    • Sign Code of Ethics  
    • Attest to continuing education completion
    • Pay Renewal Fees
  • Submit continuing education certificates to the CEU Tracker
  • Update personal contact information
  • Download a copy of wallet card or certificate for printing
  • CCI Renewal Cycle Chart
  • First Renewal

    A credential is active nine (9) to twelve (12) months after passing an exam. New CCI credential holders are required to renew Applicants are required to pay their first renewal on or before the first day of the calendar year quarter in the preceding year of passing the exam. This date will be noted on your original wallet card that was mailed with your official results letter.

    For example, if the credential is earned between the dates of April 1st and June 30th, then your first renewal would be due on or before March 31st of the following year. After completing the first renewal, credentials are renewed every three years. There are no CEU requirements for the first renewal; only a renewal fee, currently $165.00 USD, and a signature of compliance to the Code of Ethics must be submitted.

  • Triennial Renewal

    Maintenance of an “active status” for Registry and Certificate-Level credentials requires the submission of triennial renewal dues (currently $165.00 USD), signature of compliance to the CCI Code of Ethics, and the completion of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years. These three steps are required, and until all three are fulfilled, your credential will not be renewed.

  • Download Code of Ethics Form

Earning a second, third, or any other additional CCI credential does not change your renewal period. It simply syncs up with your existing credential's renewal period.

Here are some examples:

  • Hold an active CCT credential (which requires 16 CEUs every 3 years after the first renewal) and earn the RCS credential (which requires 36 CEUs every 3 years after the first renewal, 30 must be cardiovascular related). The renewal fee would still be $165.00 USD* (they do not increase for multiple credentials) but the number of required CEUs you are required to earn would increase to 36 from 16 for the triennial cycle. The renewal period would stay the same.
  • Hold an active RCS credential and earn the RCCS credential. There would be no change in the renewal fee, triennial cycle, or number of required CEUs.
  • Hold an active RCIS credential and earn the RCES credential. There would be no change in the renewal fee, triennial cycle, or number of required CEUs.
  • Criminal Matters

    Active CCI credential holders have signed the CCI Code of Ethics which states that you will voluntarily report any criminal behavior resulting in a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony. Failure to adhere to CCI’s Code of Ethics can result in the revocation of the certification. Reporting must be sent in writing to CCI Attn: Stephanie Brown, 3739 National Drive, Suite 202, Raleigh, NC 27612.

  • Renewal Policy
  • Complaints
  • Ethics Violations

Once a credential has gone inactive there are the following options to reactivate:

  1. If a registrant fails to meet the renewal requirements of their credential(s) by their renewal date then they are given a three (3) month grace period to submit the required fees ($165 USD renewal fee + $50 USD late fee = $215 USD total), signed Code of Ethics, and attest to the earning of the required CEUs during the triennial cycle.
  2. If the registrant cannot or fails to meet the above requirement in their three (3) month grace period then they are extended a probationary period of an additional three (3) months. To then reactivate their credential the registrant must complete one of the following:

    1. Retake and pass the credentialing examination(s) corresponding to their credential(s) and pay the full-price of each examination


    2. Pay the standard renewal fee ($165 USD) plus a penalty fee ($200 USD for registry level certifications or $100 USD for certificate level certifications), complete the original required CEUs for their triennial cycle, PLUS earn an additional ten (10) CEUs that are cardiovascular related by the end of the probationary period.

      If the registrant chooses this option then their next triennial cycle will begin the day after their probationary period ends. An individual with both certificate level and registry level credentials will be required to submit registry level fees and CEUs. CEUs earned during the probationary period will not be accepted in the registrant’s following triennial cycle.

If the registrant fails to reactivate within the three (3) month grace period or additional three (3) month probationary period, one will be required to re-apply for the CCI examination(s), pay full price and successfully pass. CCI reserves the right to request additional supporting documentation.

An active registrant may submit a written request to CCI headquarters requesting a change from active credential status to retired credential status. The registrant must state that he/she no longer plans to provide patient care in the field of cardiovascular technology. An individual with a CCI retired status designation is not required to accrue CEUs. An administrative fee will be assessed to cover minor operational expenses. The current administrative fee for retired registrants is $30.00 USD per triennial cycle. Registrants in retired status who wish to return to active status will be required to submit a complete online exam application, pay full exam fees, and pass a CCI examination.