Self-Assessment Exam

CCI’s self-assessment examinations are a resource in preparation for credentialing examinations. Available for $55 USD, these online examinations offer you a means of assessing your performance before taking the credentialing examination. The self-assessment examinations are composed of questions that are to be used for self-evaluation purposes with regards to a CCI examination. These questions will help you become familiar with the format and subject content for your future credentialing examination.  

The self-assessment examinations can be ordered online using a valid credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal account for payment.  

Once purchased, you will receive an email confirmation with the access details for your self-assessment examination. You can begin the examination immediately or wait to start the examination at a time that is convenient.   

CCI’s self-assessments offer you a means of assessing your performance before taking the credentialing examination. Self-assessments are not meant to be used as a study guide.

Please note the following about CCI’s self-assessment examinations:

  • Self-Assessments are available for candidates to take 24 hours a day from anywhere a candidate has internet access.
  • All online self-assessments examinations can be taken only once per purchase.
  • You have one year from the date of purchase to begin this self-assessment examination. Once the administration of this self-assessment examination has been initiated, you will have 72 hours to complete the examination.
  • Once you finish the online self-assessments examination, you cannot access it again.
  • After you complete the test, you will receive your self-assessment results. Your results will consist of the percent correct in each exam content area. This report will NOT provide the questions and answers from the self-assessment exam, and it will NOT go over the items that you missed.
  • Once an examination is completed, it cannot be taken again.

CCI self-assessment examinations should not be used as your only reference or as a study guide. 


To purchase self-assessment

CCI’s self-assessment examinations are administered and delivered by Zoomorphix Systems, Inc. You will be taken away from the CCI web site. Your bill/payment statement will show Zoomorphix Systems, Inc.