Why Get Credentialed

Benefits of Credentialing

The decision to earn a credential is an important step in one’s professional career. It demonstrates not only fundamental knowledge, but also your dedication to your professional development. Healthcare professionals choose to certify:

  • For personal challenge and self-improvement
  • To improve salary and advancements opportunities
  • To demonstrate skills, knowledge and abilities to patients, physicians, and payers.
  • To distinguish themselves through commitment to lifelong learning and career growth

Healthcare bodies and facilities value credentialed employees because:

  • It is a way to recruit and retain good healthcare practitioners
  • Demonstrates knowledge that healthcare practitioners have met standard requirements
  • Growing evidence links certification and positive outcomes


As the globally recognized high quality provider of credentialing programs for cardiovascular professionals (nurses, allied health professionals, technologists), CCI administers programs to demonstrate the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for various cardiovascular specialties.